The Next Big Thing in Kitchens

Kitchen design is constantly chopping and changing. Ceramic tiling and oak cabinets were huge in the 90s, but they’re barely anywhere to be found now. If you’re thinking of changing your kitchen sometime soon, we’re going to give you some inside info on the next big thing in kitchens. Ready? Read on…

Warm Grey Colour Schemes

Colour schemes change year on year. This is why some people prefer to go for a neutral colour scheme, so that their kitchen never really goes out of style. However, being adventurous with your kitchen and your colour scheme is far more exciting. One of the biggest colour trends in kitchens at the moment is warm grey. However, there are a few other colours that are stealing the spotlight too: Greige. Greige is a mixture between grey and beige. Different shades of blue are also popular, from aqua to navy. Customised colours are big news. Don’t be boring when you remodel your kitchen!

Colourful Kitchen Cabinets

Want to make a statement in your kitchen? Colourful kitchen cabinets are hot right now. You can even keep the majority of your kitchen neutral to make your kitchen cabinets stand out. One colour that is particularly popular for cabinets is French blue. It looks stunning and will instantly perk up your kitchen. You’ll create a kitchen you love spending time in when you stop being afraid of using colour.

Metallic Kitchen Cabinets

OK, so maybe colourful kitchen cabinets aren’t your thing. How about metallic kitchen cabinets? These cabinets can add the feel of luxury to a kitchen, and even make it look super modern and futuristic. You can combine this with bright white walls and accessories to really make them stand out. You can add more metallic accessories to create a uniformed look across the entire kitchen.

Mismatched Furniture

We’re going to say something that might shock you here: you don’t have to buy matching furniture sets to create a good looking kitchen or room. Mismatching your furniture is far more exciting, fun, and can even create a better look. If you’re worried about things looking too odd, you can always buy 2 of the same chair, before choosing a different style for your next 2 chairs. You can always find an element to unify your furniture too, from the colour to the sort of style you’ve gone for. When you’re smart, there’s absolutely no need to buy from the same set. You can get creative and create a kitchen that is all your own!

Here you have a handful of things that are set to be the next big thing in kitchen decor. If you want a super up to date kitchen that looks on trend, but lasts the test of time, choosing some of these elements to incorporate will help you. Customising your colour scheme, being quirky with your cabinets, and mixing up your furniture allows you to really flex your creative muscles and put together a bespoke kitchen that nobody else will have.