How to Find the Best Moving Companies in Seattle

There are a few important things to keep in mind as you prepare for your next move in the Seattle area.  You can find lots of options for moving companies online, but it can be a costly and time-consuming mistake if you choose the wrong movers.

Start with Their Reputation

While it may be easy to throw up a website and claim that you have the best movers, a solid reputation and lots of great reviews from past customers is not something that can be faked.  You want to take the time to check the online reviews of moving companies in Seattle.  Make sure that they have a long history of satisfied customers and they have handled many jobs comparable to your upcoming move.  A great moving company has the team and equipment to get any job done correctly and they have the positive record to support those claims.  Start with this step and it will be much easier to choose the right movers for your needs.

Check the Licensing and Insurance

Moving companies must have the appropriate licenses with the Department of Transportation and the states that they will be working in.  You should take the time to confirm that they have the required licenses and they are all up-to-date.  Reputable moving companies will be happy to share their licensing information with you.  This is also a good opportunity to ask about the insurance they offer for any move.  You will want to check with your homeowner’s insurance to see what they cover during a move as well.  If you are not completely satisfied that you will have the necessary insurance for your upcoming move, you can look into supplement insurance as well.

Get a Quote

You want to get a complete quote for your upcoming move before agreeing to use any company.  They should be able to provide you with a free breakdown of all their included services and fees.  It is never a bad idea to compare quotes between a few companies so that you are confident you are getting the best deal for your upcoming move.  You just want to make sure that you are comparing like services.  Take the time to confirm what equipment and transportation services will be used for your move.  Some companies may quote you a lower price to get your business, but add charges and fees when they start the process because they need to use different equipment to get the job done.

Community Involvement

You want to work with movers that know the area well.  It is a good idea to ask about their community experience and involvement.  Many great moving companies will be able to provide their history of community involvement.  This can be a great way to decide between companies that may seem to offer comparable quotes and services.  Since you will now be a part of a new community in many cases, it is important to many people to use the services of a company that is actively engaged in that community.