The Benefits of Traditional Wood Windows for Period Properties

Period properties are called as such for a reason. They are connections to our country’s heritage, precious relics that should be preserved in their entirety, at least, within reason. However, not every Tudor cottage is seen as a heritage site the way Windsor Castle is. Nor is every Victorian townhouse cared for in the way that Buckingham Palace is. But these properties that go unheard of, these original buildings that have undergone little change for decades if not centuries, are still important.

Any sash aficionado will know that the Victorians were fond of the box sash style. At the time it was seen as a sign of wealth and status, without which, a property would look to be lacking something special. Take away the traditional wood windows of a property like that, replace them with modern plastic casements and you are damaging your property. One of the many lovely features of such period properties are their windows. If you replace a Victorian box sash, it would be a disservice to the house. Not to mention, that it simply won’t fit with the rest of the design.


Taking away the traditional wood windows from a period property, replacing them with something else, is like taking one animal from its natural habitat and replacing it with another. The new animal might be able to carry on as before, certainly, doing the same old things, but it just won’t be the same. Perhaps, the new environment and the local fauna might reject the new creature, proving more difficult to get along with than first thought. Either way, it’s not a wise decision to make.

By maintaining a period property’s traditional wood windows, you can be sure that it will last a lifetime for future generations to appreciate its aesthetic and cultural value. Furthermore, there are countless solutions to all the problems older properties bring with them that can be explored. These include: discreet double-glazing for added security, reduced ultraviolet damage, as well as minimization of noise pollution, and increased energy efficiency. Period properties are particularly hard to come by on the market, and when one comes along, you don’t want to do anything that may damage its property value. Keeping and maintaining traditional wood windows will certainly improve monetary value for any period property, but upgrading them with discreet double-glazing and much more will only maximize the increase in property value.

Moreover, we ask only that you consider just how important your period property and its traditional wood windows can be. Take care of it, maintain it, and it will keep you happy for years to come.

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