Selecting The Right Moving Company Can Make Or Break Your New Beginning

Moving is something that most people experience only seldomly, perhaps more often in our younger years and less as we age, such that many important points for consideration when selecting a moving company can be easily overlooked.


Across The State Or Overseas, Expect Reputable Moving Companies To Examine Your Belongings

While having strangers enter one’s home to carefully look over a family’s cherished possessions may seem untoward to some, it is actually an important sign to watch for, as an indicator of the experience, professionalism, and reliability of moving companies under consideration.

Whether looking for international moving services in Boston, MA or Los Angeles, CA, professional movers will insist on visiting your home, measuring the size and weight of your family’s things, and considering how long it will take them move them out of your old home and into your new one.

Professional moving estimators will ask you several questions about what will be moved and your family’s expectations. Considering their queries thoughtfully will help ensure a smooth transition to your new house, apartment, condo, mobile home, or wherever your life is taking you.

Never Sign A Blank Contract

Some moving companies, as well as companies in other industries, will prey on unsuspecting consumers by verbally promising to deliver a product or service and then asking the consumer to sign a blank contract.

Never sign a blank contract. A blank contract is the same as signing over all of your rights to the any business. Futhermore, a carefully detailed contract spells out all of the expectations of both parties, helping to not only guide the process, but helping ensure a smoother overall move.

Most importantly, all of your personal belongings to be entrusted with a moving company should be listed on a contract before it is signed. An unscrupulous company could easily abscond with items not listed, leaving consumers with little recourse.

Reputable Moving Companies Do Not Require Cash Deposits

Professional moving companies will not ask for a cash deposit to reserve their services. Likewise, they will only expect to be paid for a move once it is completed and your things have been safely delivered.

A moving companies asking for a cash deposit indicates something possibly amiss and represents a good enough reason to consider taking your business elsewhere.

Three Kinds Of Moving Contracts

Generally, professional moving companies will enter into one of three types of contracts with customers: a non-binding contract, a non-binding to exceed contract, and a binding contract. Binding estimate contracts guarantee a firm price for your move, while charges may increase under non-binding and non-binding to exceed contracts.

Those planning moves should familiarize themselves with each type of contractual arrangement and decide upon what best suits their needs before beginning the search for a moving company.

Ask For References

Some people pan the importance of references, both for home service contractors and employees, because no contractor or employee is going to provide a bad reference.

However, you might be surprised with what you find. Sites like Yelp give detailed reviews of numerous international moving services in Boston, MA, and many other locations.

Further, a moving company who is unable to provide several glowing reviews would seem to be at a competitive disadvantage to those who can, and might seem to offer a reason to be avoided.