Keeping it Cool in the Winter – Getting the Best From Your Air Conditioner

Only those from the southern United States can fully appreciate the need for cooling down, even in in the dead of winter. The average December temperature in Fort Meyers is around 85 degrees and citizens of the Sunshine State are often scrambling to beat the heat. Air conditioning is important for Florida residents and a great performing air conditioner is a must.


If you would like to keep cool this winter while getting the best from your air conditioner, here are a few tips to keep your unit in top shape.

Proper Maintenance

It’s easy to forget that even your air conditioner needs to be cleaned every now and then. In fact, the more often you run the unit, the more often it will need to be cleaned. Be sure to check with your certified HVAC professional for a suitable maintenance schedule.

Proper Installation

It should go without saying that the proper and correct installation of your unit is imperative to getting the most efficient usage of your air conditioner. Proper air conditioning installation in Fort Myers FL is even more important since the unit is used year round. An incorrectly installed air conditioner unit will use more energy, causing you to pay higher cooling bills while cooling your home less. Money is literally thrown out the window with the improper installation of an air unit.

Check the Thermostat

Checking your thermostat regularly to ensure it is working correctly will help save money and keep your air conditioning running smooth. After all, without a working thermostat, it’s impossible to run the unit.

Check for Debris

Weeds, insects, and other obstructions will prevent the flow of air to your unit and could ultimately end in the demise of your air conditioner. Regularly check the surroundings of your unit to ensure there are no threats to the unit.

Replace Filters

The regular replacement of the filter will help keep your air conditioner clean and running smoothly. It is best practice to replace the filter about once every month, especially when being used daily.

Check the Refrigerant Levels

An improper refrigerant level can cause the compressor to break down, leaving you without an air conditioning unit. While having the unit cleaned, ask the technician to check the refrigerant levels to ensure there’s no danger to the compressor.

The proper maintenance and installation of your air conditioning unit will keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently. When deciding on air conditioning installation in Fort Meyers FL, be sure to ask your technician for tips to get the maximum performance. A top performing air conditioner will keep you cool, , while keeping your energy bills low. Having a professional installer along with a regular maintenance schedule is the key to a long-lasting, great performing air conditioner. Getting the best from your air conditioner is how to keep it cool in the winter.