All the Reasons You Need to Move to Vancouver

Did you know many that popular TV shows which take place in Los Angeles or New York City are actually filmed in Vancouver? The city is a bastion of affordable filmmaking, progressive change, nature and clean living. If you’re moving to Vancouver, then you’re in for a treat—especially if you’re a recent college graduate. Vancouver is a stellar city for recent graduates, with steady employment rates, an adventure-loving attitude, diverse culture and plenty of things to do.

Vancouver is a 114 square-kilometer coastal seaport city in British Colombia, Canada, and the 2011 censusestimates the population being about 603,500 people. Vancouver is the eighth-largest Canadian municipality, and the entire metropolitan area has a population of nearly 2.4 million people, which makes it the third largest populated area in Canada. This large tolerant population draws in a lot of diversity, and 52 percent of Vancouver residents have a first language besides English.

Among Vancouver’s biggest economic drivers is its bustling port, which is often described as the most diverse port in Canada because more than $172 billion in trade with 160 countries passes through its docks.

Now that you’re moving to Vancouver, it’s time to learn more about this unique city so you can seamlessly blend in with the locals. Vancouver offers plenty of things to do for anybody who wants get out of the house and enjoy their new environment, especially out in nature. Outdoors enthusiasts often hail the city and its surrounding wildernesses as a metropolitan mecca. It’s rare you go through your morning without encountering somebody who mountain bikes, hikes, rock climbs or kayaks.


Once you’ve settled in your new home, helped of course by local movers, it’s time to get out and see the city. If you feel like exploring your first week in Vancouver with some knowledgeable locals who can direct you toward self-explorations, then check out the company Forbidden Vancouver. This quirky tourist company offers exuberant and entertaining tours that dive into prohibition-era Vancouver andexplore the reputably seedy underbelly of historic Gastown.

If you’re moving to Vancouver in the summer and you’re a nature lover, then consider taking a Whale Watching Tour to familiarize yourself with the local scenery and abundant wildlife. There are even several companies that let you take the tour via kayak. Throughout the trip you’re likely to spot killer whales, porpoises, seals, eagles and other wildlife enjoying their time in the stunning scenery of your new Canadian home. The company’s website says that tour-takers will “join a professional naturalist and board a first class, modern vessel for a three- to five-hour expedition, starting in the picturesque, historic fishing village of Steveston and traveling through the spectacular Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands.” If the ocean is your passion, then getting to know the waterways around Vancouver is a great way to learn about the city.

Another option for more nature-savvy young adults who are looking to escape the hectic office life of your new job, or the intense studies from the local university, is to explore on the Capilano Suspension Bridge. This suspension bridge is breathtaking and onlyminutes from downtown Vancouver; the scenery offers aCliffwalkthat immerses you intothe lush temperate rainforest of British Columbia.

If you’re an amphibian and fish lover, then slip away into the Vancouver Aquarium. This place is the most popular attraction in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, and for good reason. The aquarium is a fabulous attraction and it is easy to spend an entire day there. According to the aquarium’s website, “the aquarium is home to 9,000 water-loving critters — including sharks, wolf eels, beluga whales and a somewhat shy octopus. There’s also a small, walk-through rainforest area of birds, turtles and a statue-still sloth. Check out the mesmerizing iridescent jellyfish tanks as well as the schedule for feeding times.”  The aquarium also has various events throughout the year that showcase something oceanic.

Outside of these most touristy opportunities, Vancouver has plenty of unique, enticing eateries and award winning restaurants, playhouses, critically-acclaimed museums, parks, zoos and diverse neighborhoods that offer character and opportunity. Vancouver is a city ripe for exploration;it’s your job to figure out how you want to seize the adventures offered by moving here.