Tree Knowledge for Atlanta Homeowners

The City of Atlanta has one of the largest urban tree canopies in America. The sprawling canopy of magnolias, old oaks and giant pines has earned Atlanta the nickname “The City in a Forest”. With 36 percent of the city covered with trees, removing a tree can be an expensive process even with a city permit. Atlanta is full of references to the importance of trees to local culture, such as Peachtree Road or the Dogwood Festival, which makes it easy to understand why locals say “Trees define Atlanta.”


Tree Knowledge for Homeowners

Perhaps you are enjoying a cold one in the yard and taking a good look at your trees. Branches too close to the house (or the neighbors) and need trimming? One of the trees looking dead and ready to come down? A evaluation of your trees and the risks to your home means you need to take a hard look at the trees in three important areas.

First would be to consider the potential target of property loss, is it the house, the garage where you store your antique car, or the old shed out back where that lawnmower you never use is stored? Second, examine the form and structure of the trees themselves. Is the tree canopy off balance (a potential problem in high winds), are they leaning over, is there a rotting and decaying part that you noticed. And third, what is the soil condition? Has erosion uncovered some of the tree’s roots, is there a a slope leaving part of the tree with less support, or is the soil especially moist or soft?

We prefer to save trees, where else do we hang the rope swing and the old tire for the future Hall of Fame quarterback? So do tree service Atlanta GA companies, the future of their jobs depends on them. The last thing you want is to cut down a treasured tree, but sometimes, painfully, a tree needs to be removed.

Signs of a Sick Tree

Trees provide more then shade to your house and yard, they are part of the natural beauty and character of your home. But a sick tree can be a danger and if you suspect that one of your trees is sick or damaged, check to see if it displays any of the following indicators of a tree in trouble:

  • Mushroom-type fungi growing at the base of the tree
  • Sawdust along the trunk base or root zone
  • Cracks in the trunk or major limbs
  • Hollow or decayed areas
  • Wilted or discolored leaves
  • Insect damage
  • Dead branches
  • Man-made wounds

A great place to start your search for information is the City of Atlanta’s Arborist Division. The Arborist Division is charged with protecting the City’s tree canopy on private property throughout the City of Atlanta and they are in charge of tree related permits. If you have tree that needs removal, look for a tree service Atlanta GA that is reputable and insured, offering services that match your needs and budget. Even if the tree can be saved, it’s important to prune dead, diseased or damaged branches promptly. Not only can diseased branches cause further problems with the tree, a large falling branch can cause considerable damage on its own.