Finding Last Minute Movers in Your Area

If you’re moving at the last minute, not to worry. We have great moving tips for you. Sometimes a last minute move is necessary if you’ve received a new job offer and they want you to start on Monday. You may also have to move if you’re looking for a new job and can’t afford to stay in your old apartment for another month.

Use these tips if you need an emergency moving service Boston MA.

Tips on Finding Movers

Check Craigslist and Angie’s List

Let’s face it, a last minute move can be stressful. You’re tight on time and there’s a lot to do. Not to worry, just send out an email blast to every mover in your area and see who has availability on the date you want to move. You can be honest and explain that it’s for work or that you have to be out by a particular date. Movers are used to working with all kinds of customers and because they want your business, they will go the extra mile.

Money US News estimates that an intrastate move is just over $1,100, while an out of state move can run in upwards of $5,600. Don’t be alarmed, though, as these are just estimates. That’s why we included Craigslist as a company to check for last-minute movers.

Here’s what to look for so you can save money:

  • Movers that have a website, phone number and license# listed
  • Movers that have positive reviews and a good Better Business Bureau listing
  • Movers that you can do a search on and see positive reviews

Once you hire your mover, you can then move onto the biggest step, the checklist.

Prepare Your Checklist and Pick-up Your Supplies

Your checklist is big because, with only a short period of time to work with, you have a lot to do. Start by forwarding your mail as you can do this online. On your checklist add the utilities that you have to turn off or forward and research the services in your new area. Include on your list if you have any pets that need to go to a kennel during your move or if you want to leave your kids with a sitter. If you’re moving out of state, now’s the time to ask for friends and family to help you on moving day.

Get Help for Your Move

A great way to incorporate your friends and family into your move is to let them know what’s on your checklist so they can take an item or two off your hands. For example, you may need someone to take all your plants so you can help the movers with the boxes. Another person might help map out driving directions so you can all follow behind the moving truck.

As you prepare for your move, you will find that it comes together. With the right help, you can get settled in over the weekend so you’re fresh and ready to start that new job on Monday morning!