Why is inverter technology AC better than regular AC

An air conditioner is a machine that refrigerates the air in an enclosed area via a mechanism in which warm air is removed and replaced with cooler and more humid air. In more advanced ACs these days, even humidity checks and air quality features are present. AC’s today have become a modern need in homes, offices, schools, etc.

Earlier there used to be window ACs which was soon replaced by split ACs due to their far effective cooling and aesthetic appearance. However, recently there is another classification of ACs that has dawned upon the market. With the ever evolving technology, inverter AC’s have entered the market and are giving a tough competition to the conventional ones.


Inverter ACs are different as they have the facility to vary or modulate the speed of the compressor, in contrast to a standard split system which just switches the compressor on and off to maintain temperature control. Both do an effective cooling but their method of working leads to various advantages of the inverter ACs over the normal ones. It is quite natural to think that even though these inverter AC’s are more expensive, there must be some feature that is creating a demand for them. Let us throw some light upon these advantages.

  • Power Savings: The sophisticated operational method of the invertor AC enables its compressor tosometimes work at a lesser capacity. When this speed or the capacity is lower, the needed energy and the electricity cost are lower too.Some of the inverter ACs use newer direct drive technology that reduces the number of parts in motion which implies a lesser wastage of power.
  • Less Noise: As the compressor motor of the inverter air conditioner works continuously at low power instead of switching on and off all the time (like in a normal AC), the operation produces less noise in comparison to the normal ACs.
  • Effective cooling:In case of an inverter AC, the cooling is done a couple of degrees below the set temperature, and once that temperature is reached, the compressor works in a low power mode just to cool the room enough to replace the incoming heat. It is thus able to maintain a fairly constant temperature without having to put its compressor to full load very frequently. On the other hand, a normal AC first over cools the room by 1 or 2 degrees and then switches off the compressor till the room again gets warm which makes it restart again. So effective cooling and constant temperature is maintained by the former one.
  • Faster Cooling: This is because initially the inverter AC uses more power to cool down the temperature than the normal AC and hence the cooling is faster. This increased power usage is compensated in full during the low power cycle of the inverter AC which happens when the desired temperature is achieved.
  • Long life: The inverter technology increases the life of these ACs and the maintenance issues are also reduced as the AC does not overwork by switching on and off unlike in a normal AC. Therefore, the initial high expense of buying an inverter AC gets covered or compensated due to lesser maintenance costs and a longer life.

In light of these evidences one can very easily see how much they can benefit by opting for an inverter AC rather than a normal AC. Since this is still the beginning phase of this new type of Air conditioner, with the advent of time and as the research goes on, the inverter ACs might even one day completely phase out the traditional Air Conditioners from the by their excellent performance.