Are You Looking For Fencing Supplies?

So you are in need of fencing supplies but realise there are so many options available to you, what do you choose? Well that all depends on the style you are looking for, there are many different types of fencing supplies such as:

  • concrete posts,
  • post supports,
  • timber fencing,
  • timber posts, and wire fencing in different sizes,
  • fencing rolls.

Of course, you can do a great deal with chicken wire, even make life size models of animals (and other things) to put in your garden or home. Wire art is becoming more and more popular. You can also find trellises at any reputable fencing supplier such as Richard Williams, the builders merchant in North Wales.


Timber fencing

Fencing can enhance your garden, so why not choose wooden fencing? It’s much more aesthetically pleasing than, say, a barbed wire fence. Many people dream of having a white timber fence in their gardens, but perhaps you think that it is little old-fashioned and twee.

Timber fencing benefits include: -

  • easy to install in your garden, either by yourself, or a professional;
  • it’s traditional and easy on the eye;
  • you can alter the height of the fencing and add to it if required;
  • you can easily replace broken or damaged sections;
  • there is a lot of choice and different prices to suit all budgets;
  • to refresh it you can paint it and change the colour.

Disadvantages of timber fencing include: -

  • timber fencing is not as long-lasting as other materials;
  • it needs maintenance as soon as it is installed;
  • it needs to be sealed and coated at regular intervals;
  • it needs painting or varnishing to keep it looking good after being ravaged by the weather;
  • timber fencing can also be damaged by pests, this is especially true of picket fences which are installed directly into the ground;
  • timber fencing often warps over time.
  • timber fencing can be easily broken if an intruder wants to get into your garden and home.

Despite the disadvantages of timber fencing, many people still prefer it to other types of fencing which are perhaps more durable.

Post supports and accessories for timber fencing

Post supports come in 75mm or 100mm sizes which are ideal for the timber supports. You can drive the spikes straight into the ground with a sledge hammer. there’s no need to dig a hole to put them in and also you don’t need concrete to install them.

The bolt-down supports can be used if a post has to be fitted flush to a wall or mounted on it. Apart from the post supports, you might need fence clips, driving tools and repair spurs.

Timber or concrete posts?

You usually have a choice of timber of concrete posts when deciding,concrete posts will actually be more durable than timber ones, although they don’t look as good. However, concrete posts won’t need much (if any) maintenance. Timber posts will blend in with your timber fencing and can be preserved (varnished and stained) so that they match the fencing. You can choose from square or round posts.

Wire fencing

Wire fencing can be purchase in any size or length. Your trusted builders merchant can also supply you with fencing tools and accessories which will make the task of installing wire fencing easier. You can buy barbed wire, wire coils and tensioners, as well as wire netting which is either galvanised or powdered coated. There are various lengths, widths and hole sizes. You decide which suits your purpose best.

People commonly use barbed wire for their protection and that if their property. It can prevent animals escaping their enclosures and keep them away from certain areas on your land. For example, you can surround your vegetable patch with barbed wire fencing to prevent animals helping themselves to your prize vegetables, or your favourite flowers.

Whatever you need in terms of fencing supplies in North Wales, pay Richard Williams the builders merchant a visit.