What is Fine Art Printing?

Fine art printing refers to printing an image that aims of producing a print that can be considered as the image’s final form. Any image that is printed originally and be published in a magazine or be used as a poster thus cannot be referred to as fine art print. An Art Book is a remarkable fusion since they can be considered as a collection of printed images bound together and are normally printed in high quality compared to reproduction standards.

Fine art printing, also known as Giclee, is defined as fine art digital prints printed using inkjet printers. The term was formerly referred to fine art prints that are produced by Iris printers, which was a method that was developed during the late 1980’s, however, has since come to be recognized as any inkjet printing. It is a method sometimes used by a number of artists, print shops and galleries to provide high-quality printing however since it is a loose term it has not accompanying warranty when it comes to quality.


The word Giclee originated from the French word gicler which means “to spray or squirt”. Giclee is a fine art digital printing method that involves the combination of pigment based inks along with top-quality archival paper to attain prints of top archival quality, light fastness, and constancy. The process in Giclee printing includes spraying microscopic dots of pigment-based ink into top-quality art canvas or paper. The printed image is color corrected in order to achieve the closest possible likeness of the original work. The digital info is also properly fined to the kind of surface or paper to be used in printing the image, which will further ensure devotion to the original. Giclee printed works are printed in a number of mediums such as canvas, Baryta paper, and cotton rag.

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