Improve your property Value


Finding fun ways to improve one’s property can be very challenging. The are so many projects like wood sheds and fences however their usefulness does not go far beyond pure utility. A new and interesting idea is creating your own garden pub shed. A garden pub shed takes all the best components of a garden suit and a garage to to create both a functional and inviting living space that many people can enjoy and will add value to your property if you are thinking of selling in the near future.

The first step in the process of building is to find out what your local building codes and regulations are in relation to building on your residential property. You can find many different loopholes in the bylaws that govern local building construction. Things such as size and mobility of the structure as well as if it is in any way attached to the main house will affect it eligibilty for have to due the lengthy process of applying for a permit and having it inspected after and during completion.

Making this an individual’s space that also invites others to join them is a key concept in building a garden pub shed. If your tastes are that of an international travel then perhap the walls should be adorned with books on exotic places and other decorations on the walls be of relics from previous travels. Maps as wall paper are an interesting addition to a traveler themed pub shed.

Often times a theme that is of seaside or has a nautical theme chosen. A simple design that makes use of a lot of recycled and reclaimed building materials will save you money and add a certain kind of character to the project that you find find elsewhere. Using extra decorations such as hot forged handrails and footrests along the bar are a great way to promote its authenticity.

Many people use this idea to build a detached ‘man cave” and have common additions like dartboards and pool tables. A large flatscreen tv is almost essential as this kind of theme generally goes well with the sports enthused and should also be built to house several people. Sometimes you may have to sacrifice items in this style as it generally invites many people.

For those who like to lounge around in casual conversation there is a design that is hexagonal which does not only provide a great use of floor space but also is a perfect fixture to set up hammocks. This style of design is not quite minimalistic but rather efficient for those suited to prefer a housing that many people can enjoy. The hexagon also allows everyone to be focused on the centre of the structure thus promoting conversation.

This example is a bit different than the rest as its main function is to accommodate two people. Even Though it can have more the small size make it a more personal feeling and promotes a natural conversation. Being both bright and airy this simple design can be quite the piece of artwork as the exterior is designed to beautifully match the roofline of the existing house.