My DIY kitchen cupboards Sydney have consultants who are always available to help with any matching concerns that customers may have

Besides cabinetry, My DIY kitchen cupboards Sydney, provides other elements needed for the upgrade of a kitchen space. Their in house department also manufactures handles for their cupboards. Handles are an easy way to add a touch of elegance to a cupboard. They also be bought as a standalone item. You would not have to demolish the entire cupboard just because you are unhappy with the look. Just take out the doors and replace them with new ones and handles from My DIY kitchen cupboards Sydney. It provides an even more affordable way to have an upgrade done. Customers have the choice of going with traditional handles or more modern choices from My DIY kitchen cupboards Sydney. A brand that they sell, but however do not manufacture at their factory is sinks and taps. These are extremely functional with many modern features. They are made entirely from stainless steel.


This ensures that they will last for years on end without rusting. They are extremely clean as they do not harbour bacteria. This is especially needed in the sink area where most of the prep work for meals takes place. Sinks come in the single or double tub option and fit in seamlessly with the My DIY kitchen cupboards Sydney range. Their functionality is where it gets interesting. The sink has noise cancelling panels built into them which absorbs the sounds of splashing water and dishes. The side rims of the sinks are panelled so that water does not get a chance to drip over onto the floors or counters. The drain area has a little basket that collects any food items which then ensures it does not go into the piping and cause a major blockage. Splash backs are a nice little design addition to any room. Their durability however makes them ideal for a kitchen space.

They go onto walls and usually into areas that tend to get messy. In the kitchen this would be the stove or sink area. They are easily cleanable. Their material is such that they are resistant to heat which is why they are mostly used behind the stove area. They also bring in a bit more lighting to this area. DIY kitchen cupboards Sydney are not complete without adding the bench top layer. This can be wooden or laminate but it is the stone wear which is most popular. They are the more expensive option but last a long while and is a look that does not go out of style. My DIY kitchen cupboards Sydney have consultants who are always available to help with any matching concerns that customers may have. In fact, their cupboards are not confirmed or paid for until the customer is happy with the details. This will include having the draughts manager draw up a mock plan of what the kitchen will look like once all of their cupboards and products are assembled. It is only once the customer approves this, that the order will be confirmed and paid for, at which stage the specs will be sent to the factory.