Restoring Old Windows – Why make the Change?

The sash window has fallen in and out of fashion over the centuries since its invention, but more and more people are becoming aware of the important place it holds in the history of British architecture.

The sash window is, on the most basic level, build for functionality. It adds, as it has always added, to a home functional and aesthetic value. Originally conceived when streets were far narrower than they are today, when the larger Victorian styles such as the bay window, which jutted outward, may have blocked the way of street-goers. This would, of course, have negated the need and use for a window, which is why the ergonomic and functional sash window was created to take their place.

Over the years, many homeowners have converted the original sash windows of their properties to more contemporary styles, not realizing the significance of the original design they had sought to change. But today many firms offer you the chance to restore the original sash windows to your property, with fantastic results.

The multi-paned variety of the sash window has always proven most popular, evolving from the early Victorian single pane sash variety (which, while a sign of wealth at the time, has become less common than later varieties, but like all sashes remains a very special feature of any building – especially if it’s the original), and is most often found in larger buildings, but also everyday homes as well. Original sashes are frequently accompanied by ornate features and moldings that go a long way to giving a house a subtle look of elegance and sophistication that simply cannot be achieved otherwise.


A number of benefits come with restoring the original sash windows to your home. These include: the maximizing of your home’s property value, the added touch of vintage style that only the sash can deliver (the sash is, after all, a classic British design found in numerous stately homes and iconic buildings across the country – from Windsor Castle to 10 Downing Street), and with all the given benefits of the modern window on top of this (such as double-glazing, minimized draughts and outside noise, as well as reduced heating costs and ultra-violet damage), there’s no reason not to.

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