A garage for a car or how to ensure safety of your vehicle

When we start thinking about buying a car, immediately comes the question where we are going leave a car for the night or where your car is going to sit while you do not need it. Is it going to be a parking lot or a garage?

It is clear that if there is no choice then a car park is the best option. It is even better if it is guarded and if it is a covered parking so that your car will be protected from any possible wheatear conditions. However, if you can buy, rent or better yet build a garage, you cannot think of a better place for your car.

If you are building a garage on your own, you should immediately take care of its safety, because the safety of your vehicle no matter if it is an old and used Volvo or a brand new Volkswagen Jetta, is going to be dependent on it. Moreover, when buying or renting a garage, pay attention not only to its geographical location, but also to the thickness of the walls.

In addition, a garage is safer if there is no windows in it. Windows are a weak spot, which attracts the attention of thieves. There have been plenty break-ins through windows and it is through them that thieves carry out things that are stored in a garage. Also, through a window, thieves enter the garage with the purpose of stealing a car, so it is best not to have any windows at all but if you cannot do without them, then take care of the extra protection in the form of iron bars.


The next thing you should do is choose the gates and the roof for the garage. If we talk about the roof, it is better if it is made of concrete, because the roof that is made of wood is deemed not very reliable. The gates must be made of metal and they should be securely connected to the wall.

Be sure to take care of safety precautions of the garage, because if the garage has got faulty wiring, the circuit may occur at any time, which means that the fire is inevitable.

As an option to give some more protection to your garage, you could install an alarm system. You can install a stationary autonomous alarm that makes loud sounds and flashes lights thus attracting the guard to the scene and scaring off intruders.

Also, do not forget to lock the gates as well as windows as you leave, and alarm the garage. Additionally, the keys from the garage should always be with you. If you have your own yard, where the garage for your car is located, it is not superfluous to acquire a faithful dog. This way your garage and your car will be in good hands and under heavy guard.

So once you have found or built a garage yourself, you can start thinking about getting a car, in case you have not bought one yet. In this context, we recommend you opt for used German cars as they are quite affordable and reliable. As an example, you could purchase Volkswagen Golf from owner online.