Long Distance Movers Simplify Your Cross-Canada Move

Let’s face it – nobody likes to move. Sure, the idea of leaving an old neighbourhood behind for the adventure of an entirely new city – in a completely different province – is an exciting prospect. You’ll have plenty of things to explore as a recent resident, but you’ll have to get there first – which, unfortunately, is the hardest part. Even a small move between neighbourhoods can test your patience, but one that stretches across Canada can evolve in a frustrating, anxiety-ridden experience, despite the excitement that awaits you at your new home.


Organization is essential to lowering your stress levels from stomach ulcer inducing degrees, but the concept can be illusive for many first-time movers. Like anything else in life, it’s important to admit when you’re out of your depth and defer to an expert for help. Luckily, you have your choice of long distance moving companies that can provide professional guidance to your journey across Canada. While searching for the best long distance moving companies in Canada to assist in your move, keep in mind the following:

  • Wherever you are in Canada movers should be certified by the Canadian Association of Movers. This association ensures the company has valid insurance and WSIB coverage for their employees.
  • Long distance movers must have be an accredited company on the Better Business Bureau website. More importantly, they should have an A+ rating as this suggests they provide a reliable service.
  • They should coordinate your move across Canada with North American Van Lines.

Though these may seem like basic features, they do a lot to separate the cream from the crop. You’ll notice that as you start to locate companies that fulfill these criteria, the businesses that are left have reputations as moving services Canada as a whole can trust for their stressful moves. Once you ensure they can prove their associations and accreditations, it’s important that you ensure they can provide the following services:

  • Consultation – a moving specialist should arrive at your home to inspect your belongings. With first-hand knowledge of your possessions, they’ll be able to devise a plan that ensures the most efficient process.
  • Packing Services – Sometimes the hardest part of the entire process is the preparation. Collecting your stuff, organizing it into boxes and other containers, and arranging your larger items for a safe move can take a lot of time you don’t have. Professional packers will arrive at your home to pack your stuff in the most secure way possible, using top of the line materials to ensure they’ll arrive intact.

They may seem simple, but when you’re already fretting about your life after you arrive, these services can really ease your mind before your big journey. When you have experience long distance movers guiding your transition, you’ll have more time to think about your next big adventure and not the stress of your move. So start researching the top cross Canada movers and secure the best help you can get.