Health Risks Associated With Unhygienic Carpets

The universal notion of having carpeted floorings is comfort and luxury all at the same time. However, having carpets also entails responsibility for carpet maintenance not just for the sake of the health of the carpet itself, but also for the health of everyone around it. Indeed, unclean carpets pose potential risks to human health, and the longer the period that the carpet remains unhygienic, the higher are the risks as well. One of the best ways to clean your carpet is with a canister vacuum (don’t have one? Read the top reviews at Dreamhomereviews).

Carpets benefit largely in regular cleaning in terms of longevity of its quality. Moreover, the owner also evades the possibility of unpleasant odors, spoiled furniture, and generally untidy house. Aside from the mentioned practical benefits, the owner is also saved from being exposed these health hazards caused by untidy carpets:


  • Athlete’s foot

If bare feet are directly in touch with carpets, they are the first part of the human body that is directly exposed to health risks. Athlete’s foot and other foot infections can be caused by the bacteria and fungi that possibly are housed in the unsanitary carpets. These bacteria and fungi can enter into the feet’s skin even through the tiniest cuts they can find in the foot. Moreover, upon having pets, you also must accept the possibilities of their fleas transferring to the carpet’s fibers. Unknowingly, these fleas may be biting your feet, leaving the tiny cuts open for the bacteria and fungi to enter and cause foot infections.

  • Allergies

Any forms of allergies can be triggered by dirty carpets as they hoard countless allergens in the form of dust and dirt. Skin allergies like skin asthma, which is manifested through chronic itching and eventually skin redness, can be caused by the asthma-triggering irritants that whisk from grimy carpets and have settled in the skin. Other forms of allergic reactions, manifested through abnormally frequent sneezing, cough, breathing problems, and even malaise, can be resulted by carpets that have been unclean for long as they can house not just simple dust but also pet dander, fungi spores, and little insects, all of which are potential allergens.

Dust mites, which are highly possible to be breeding in untidy carpets, can also cause allergies in simple forms to adverse. Alive dust mites are one of the most common allergy-triggering agents, but they are as well harmful even in their death because their remains can arise through the air and can be inhaled by people around. Health issues such as eye infections, nasal problems, and skin rashes can be caused by exposure to air with dust mites remains.

  • Respiratory issues

Respiratory issues are as well triggered by filthy damp carpets, one of which is bronchial asthma. The accumulation of volatile organic compounds and the growth of the microorganisms that can set off attacks on respiratory diseases are highly possible in unclean carpets and much if the carpet is damp. Once these elements and organisms are kicked off into the air, they can be inhaled by any person around the area. If a person who already has respiratory issues is continuously exposed to such poor air quality, he/she may eventually experience the attacks.