Summer Storage is Ideal for Students

Class is finally out, which means you’re free to work (and play) until the fall semester begins again. But school isn’t the only thing that’s over. The lease on your student dorm is up just in time for the summer, which means you’re heading back home to North York to live with your parents. There’s just one thing standing in your way: now that you’ve left the roost, there’s not much space left for you back in the family home. If your parents spared no time to renovate your old bedroom into a study, then you need to find a place to put all of your stuff.


Your buddy’s apartment downtown, unfortunately, isn’t going to cut it. With even less storage space than your parents’, he can’t possibly fit your things in amongst his own stuff. Nor would you want to, as he shares his place with three other friends and the lock to the back door doesn’t always work. Who knows what could happen to your belongings if you left them there.

When security is just as much of a priority as space is, think about renting from the best self storage North York has to offer. A typical facility can provide the space you need, but the top rated facilities like those provided by Abacus Self Storage are well-protected by the latest security technologies. Abacus has storage units in North York that come with comprehensive security to ensure you belongings are safe. These include personal key code access, monitored intrusion alarms, and 24/7 video camera surveillance. The facilities are well lit and enclosed by an electronic security gate, which means your belongings are safe at a North York self storage centre.

Security in a well maintained storage unit will extended beyond defence against theft. It should also include environmental controls to ensure your electronics and wooden furniture aren’t subject to the elevated temperatures and high humidity levels of a North York summer. The last thing you want to do is bring your computer or television screen from storage only to find out the heat damaged its circuits. Nor would you want to pull out your bedding only to find out a major bug infestation had taken up nest there. Before you sign your name on a contract, double check your unit comes with climate and pest control.

You can do that by making an appointment with a property manager at a self storage facility near you. While getting a run-down of their services during a tour of their facilities, you can discuss the price of renting a short-term unit for the summer. Once you find one within your budget, you can have a stress-free summer at your parents’ place while your stuff stays safe elsewhere.