Automatic Sprinklers Are the Key to a Healthy Summer Lawn


While other property maintenance tasks may be a one and done improvement project, keeping green healthy gardens going throughout the spring, summer, and fall is an challenging and ongoing task. This summer, while you may have already planted, seeded, and mulched your garden beds, and made a plan to water regularly for healthy grass, you still have to start with some research to understand your property’s needs. Otherwise, you may end up wasting water instead of really using it where it counts, and you’ll spend so much on your hydro bill that it’ll put you off gardening for good!

The fact is that even the most elaborate gardens and lawns do not necessarily need a greater volume of liquid to flourish. Rather, what most people don’t realize is that the watering needs to be properly timed for certain periods in the day and night when it will not immediately evaporate, and it also needs to be correctly directed so that it goes where it is really needed. When you contact EZ Lawn Sprinklers, they walk you through an analysis of your garden and how timed irrigation systems can speed up and maintain the growth of your beautiful plants, all the while suiting your budget and schedule.
For example, clay soil can’t absorb moisture quickly, so it needs short but repeated bursts. The soil on a sloping surface needs the same, or else the excess will run off before it soaks in. Sandy soil will absorb quickly but can’t retain moisture as long as clay soil does, so it will need to be watered more often. Plus, the amount of direct sunlight in each part of your yard will influence how much evaporates where, and which spots stay damp for longer. Shade from trees and larger foliage means the grass roots must compete with the bigger plants for nutrients. So, after you get a soil test, get the team at EZ Lawn Sprinklers to figure out your hourly sun/shade schedule, and measure the size of your slopes, you can figure all this into the equation to understand how much of everything your lawn truly needs!

Deciding exactly how to deliver the amount of water your botanical explorations have deemed sufficient is the next step. A well-matched sprinkler should be timed and re-timed according to the season, because the best periods for irrigation are just before dawn or after sunset, depending on the plant. This helps to avoid wastage and prevents health issues for the grass roots.

Because individuals with lawns don’t share such a deep interest in botany, can not keep a robotically timed schedule, and don’t understand the physics of water pressure, it’s more sensible to hire EZ Lawn Sprinklers to take care of it. When you hire professionals, all you have to worry about is getting out of the way when the sprinklers start. Besides, experts know how to install and maintain these systems in much more effective ways than the average Joe. With this system, you’ll never worry about the health of your lawn again!